Highline seeks investment opportunities where values can be enhanced due to temporary market dislocation and/or superior asset management capabilities. Highline's principals have an extensive track record working in all facets of real estate ownership and investment, resulting in the knowledge and experience to identify opportunity and create value.

Like most investments, real estate is a cyclical business and the market cycles are one of the most powerful factors impacting any real estate investment. While we pay great attention to market trends and conditions and their impact on every investment decision, our competitive advantage comes from our operational expertise, deep knowledge of our target markets and extensive relationships with market participants, all resulting in informational advantages.

Highline is built on these three principles:

Investment Principal

Pursue opportunities in growth markets where we can take advantage of market dislocation, distress or our unique ability to create value.

Capitalization Principal

Utilize low to moderate levels of leverage to minimize risk and provide the ability to weather market downturns.

Operational Principal

Assemble the best in class management and leasing teams for every project and add value through aggressive and proactive asset management.