Highline's investment strategy is based on the evaluation of the following key considerations:

Economic Cycles

Careful evaluation of macro and micro economic cycles to ensure that the investment will perform as conditions inevitably change.


Highline carefully evaluates supply and demand, demographics, historical performance and other market conditions to identify high growth, supply constrained markets.


We utilize our relationships with national tenants, brokers and other market participants to gain superior information that is not available to the market at large.


Our Investment Strategy is to seek opportunities where we can exploit a competitive advantage through superior knowledge or ability to execute.

Superior Knowledge

  • Knowledge of market dynamics that are likely to improve the value of an asset
  • Knowledge of specific tenant demand or leasing opportunities gained through our unique market relationships and contacts
  • Knowledge of the ability to expand or improve an asset which is not evident to the market at large

Superior Ability to Execute

  • Extensive relationships with tenant and brokerage communities have repeatedly resulted in opportunities to add substantial value to an asset
  • Extensive experience in all facets of real estate operations result in an ability to create and carry out the most complex and creative business plans